Adhesives Tapes

WayOut are the leading distributors for Tenacious Tapes, we provide commercial and industrial users with cost-effective adhesive tape solutions for their applications across Australia. Adhesive tapes are widely used within industry for a myriad of applications such as: bonding, joining, sealing, insulating, separating, protecting, splicing, mounting, temporary holding, marking, warning, strengthening and repairing.

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Anti-slip Conformable Aluminium


Black 2.0mm High Performance


Cleaning Pads


Clear Polyester – Premium


Dance Floor PPVC


Dance Floor Tape


Dance Floor Tape Clear


Dispenser ATG Gun


Drop Down Drape Refill


Drop Down Drape Refill and Dispenser


DS Cloth Perm Peel Tabs


DS Cloth Translucent


DS Foam Acrylic Heat Sink


DS Foam Acrylic Tape


DS Foam Permanent Tabs


DS Foamed Acrylic Permanent Tabs