Single Sided Tapes

Single sided tapes by Tenacious Tapes.  Browse our huge range of  fit for purpose adhesive tapes. Wholesale Tapes offer a large range of foam tape, cloth tape, safety tape, film tape, magnetic tape and many more.  Browse the single sided tape categories below to find the tape of choose. Using a 3M or another brand tape and looking for an alternative?  Enter your tape model / code in the search above to find the matching single sided tape for your application.

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Flowmask K750 Premium Masking Tape

SKU: K750
From: $2.17 (Inc GST)

FlowMask K750 – 55 Meter Premium Masking Tape

SKU: RK750
From: $4.51 (Inc GST)

40 Micron Aluminium Foil Tape

SKU: AT500
From: $2.67 (Inc GST)

Acetate Cloth Tape

SKU: P801
From: $7.21 (Inc GST)

Aluminium Foil – Conductive Adhesive Tape

SKU: U7110
From: $8.01 (Inc GST)

Aluminium Foil/Glass Cloth Laminate

SKU: CT955
From: $18.29 (Inc GST)

Application/Paper Protection Tape

SKU: A582
From: $320.83 (Inc GST)

Bi-directional Filament Tape

SKU: B670
From: $1.98 (Inc GST)

Black FGlass Reinforced Strapping

SKU: A783
From: $3.41 (Inc GST)

Copper Foil – Conductive Adhesive Tape

SKU: U7440
From: $21.16 (Inc GST)

Crepe Paper Masking Tape – Auto OEM Grade

SKU: A528
From: $1.55 (Inc GST)

Crepe Paper Masking Tape – Industrial Grade

SKU: A519
From: $1.24 (Inc GST)

Crepe Paper Tape – Utility Grade

SKU: A502
From: $0.85 (Inc GST)

Economy Plus Waterproof Cloth Tape

SKU: AT200
From: $1.09 (Inc GST)

Economy Waterproof Cloth Tape

SKU: AT100
From: $0.94 (Inc GST)

Electrical Glass Filament Tape

SKU: P6257
From: $10.20 (Inc GST)