Low Location Lighting Aboard Spirit of Tasmania

The Spirit of Tasmania is the major shipping vessel that runs between Melbourne & Devonport daily, with a capacity of 1300 passengers plus vehicles and freight.

Way Out were approached as they needed a low location lighting system which could inform passengers, most of whom were unfamiliar with the vessel, of the correct evacuation route to the muster stations in the event of complete darkness caused by a power outage or high density smoke. Given the vessel was in operation, the installation needed to take place without being taken out of service.

An all-aluminium system was developed which depicted fire equipment and directional patterns, printed onto a luminous insert which was housed in an extrusion and fixed to the bulkhead in all walkways. Way Out undertook all aspects of this project, from design to the installation which was completed over a rapid time frame with no disruption to the ships passengers.

Spirit of Tasmania